Conference paper: International conference on engineering and product design education. Loughborough University, Design School. 3-4 September 2015.

More information on Design in Action authors: Chris Fremantle, Nil Melehat Gulari

The Value of Design Research, 11th European Academy of Design Conference. April 22-24 2015. Paris Descartes University.

More information on Design in Action authors: Nil Melehat Gulari

Professor Barbara Townley holds a £1.5 million, 5-year research grant from the Economic & Social Research Council (2008-2014) for industry-led […]

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I am a researcher and designer experienced in ethnographic research, workshop facilitation and design strategy to inform product, interaction and […]

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Design Innovation is a way of structuring group creativity towards valuable outcomes using design practices. By engaging a wide range […]

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