Award for Commercial Potential: Jessy Wang

Design in Action Prize for Commercial Potential, Jessy Wang, Glasgow School of Art

Jessy Wang, BA (Hons) Communication Design student is the winner of the Glasgow School of Art, Design in Action Prize for Commercial Potential. Jessy Wang created the short film ‘FRANK’, a striking moving-image piece that challenges the viewer to consider the concept of self-image and modern identity in the contemporary age of mass digital exposure. It highlights the haunting reality of false identity performances that surface from the anonymity and freedom of the Internet.

Jessy describes the underlying idea through her interest in the notion of online ‘presence’:

“The online presence is an abstract identity that projects a concept of ‘self’, a portrait that is instantly modifiable and enhanced, an entity that is both present yet absent. The human form is stable whilst offline, however the projected desires of the inner ‘self’ constantly represses and transforms whilst actively online. This film explores the abstract ‘software’ of the psyche, a visually unstable and dynamic view of the internal mirror, ego and Jacques Lacan’s theory on the conflicts of self-divide. The Internet becomes a playground for different versions of identity to exist and constantly re-form.”

Jessy employed the technique of facial mapping as a live projection; different faces were modelled onto one physical form, a single mannequin head.

The physicality of this construct represents the stability of the human body, this model becomes a host for multiple identities, personalities and psychological states of mind.

‘FRANK’ aims to caution the modern generation of socialisation risks on the Internet, this is especially important as we are driven into an increasingly digitalised culture of online interaction.



t: @Hello_JessyWang