What can design do to help transform your business performance? How can design spark innovation in your people and interest from your customers? What assistance is available if you are working with design for the first time? What can design do for Scotland, our economy and all of our futures?

The inaugural Scottish Design Summit will focused on the huge potential in Scotland of a future design-led economy. This meeting of businesses, design-curious, international and domestic, small and vast, with policy makers, academics and design professionals showed that putting design at the heart of business can transform performance and results.

Design isn’t what happens to sell the product. Design isn’t the labelling and the fancy pictures. Design is how the product started and why it works. Successful companies of the future will be those that embrace design earlier in their development process. In short, design can help the Scottish economy achieve a new drive and focus.

On 22nd May 2014, over 200 delegates joined us to learn about the next stage in Scotland’s economic development and the next big things for business.

To view a copy of the event brochure, click here: Design Summit 2014 Brochure