‘Once Upon A Future’, Thursday 21st May, 4-7pm

Warburton Gallery, India Buildings, Victoria Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2EX

Once Upon a Future was a two-part evening of stories from the future produced by Design Informatics and Creative Edinburgh.

Like Roy Batty, many of our speakers have seen things that will be part of our everyday in the near future. From Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, to c-beams that glitter in the dark, a host of short stories will give us an insight into how unevenly distributed the future really is.

Speakers included:

Jamie Coleman: Managing Director of CodeBase which is the largest tech incubator in the UK and one of the fastest growing in Europe. You can watch Jamie’s talk here.


Anna Day is the Manager of UNESCO, City of Design, Dundee. She is also a cultural project manager for the University of Dundee, Director of Literary Dundee and co-programmer for Pitlochry Winter Words. She is founder of a publishing company which produces books for children, Playroom Press. You can watch Anna’s talk here.


Ruth Aylett: Professor of Computer Sciences in the School of Maths and Computer Science at Heriot-Watt University. Watch Ruth’s talk here.


Don McIntyre: Programme Director / Creative Technologist at Glasgow School of Art’s Institute of Design Innovation.


David Cleaves: Creative Director at Frog Design, Munich. Frog is a global product strategy and design firm which focuses on design and innovation that advances the human experience. Watch David’s talk here.


Claire Stewart: Director of Electric Bookshop where they explore the future of the written word and the technologies of reading. You can watch Claire’s talk here.


With a public lecture by  Madeline Ashby, science fiction writer and strategic foresight consultant, who provided us with a public lecture / story. Ashby’s debut novel ‘vN’ and its follow-up ‘iD’, explore self-replicating humanoids, Rapture sects, giant squids and fast food robots. She is also well-known for her short story Social Services written for the Institute for the Future’s collection of original science fiction stories. You can watch Madeline’s talk here.



Thank you to everyone who came along to what was a wonderfully quirky, memorable evening.

Photographs by Lindsay Perth @ Lippi Photography (http://www.lippi-photography.co.uk/)