Rebecca Lindsay

DJCAD, University of Dundee


PhD Candidate

Rebecca has a background in social innovation and developing co-design methods. Her work is driven by people centric thinking and utilising design strategically towards creating positive changes and growth within communities.

She previously graduated with a BDes Hons in Interior and Environmental Design and then a Masters of Design degree with focus upon service provision and communication methods. Previous works have included development of methods and toolkits to engage children and vulnerable stakeholders within the design process and community engagement methods for effective service provision.

Becca’s studies are currently focused within the Rural Economies sector of Design in Action where she is undertaking a PhD titled ‘ ‘Building New Social Metrics for Business; Exploring methods of Co-creation with Rural Businesses and Communities.’  Her aims within this study encompass an exploration of values within communities and businesses to support new models of growth for the future.

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