Michael Pierre Johnson

The Glasgow School of Art


PhD Candidate

I am a researcher and designer experienced in ethnographic research, workshop facilitation and design strategy to inform product, interaction and service solutions around the user experience, including: food & drink branding, social service issues such as mental health and careers advice, design as social innovator for communities and conceptual projects on the supportive roles of digital technology.

I am investigating the impact and viability of strategic design innovation methodologies on the organisational change that they seek to serve in order to better meet the challenges of buy-in from many stakeholders and users.

By combining an actor-network theory approach with phenomenology, I am exploring a methodology of visual mapping to support strategic discourse between designers and SMEs. This intends to capture the emergent cross-disciplinary notions of value by which to critically and reflectively evaluate design methodologies in accordance with organisational, professional and situational demands.

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2016: From Participation to Collaboration: reflections on the co-creation of innovative business ideas

Design Research Society 50th Annual Conference (upcoming). Champion, K., Johnson, M., McHattie, L.

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