Angela Fernandez-Orviz

The Glasgow School of Art


PhD Candidate

Angela’s mixed background in Engineering and Service Design has triggered her interest in exploring and understanding the challenges and dynamics involved in trans-disciplinary collaborations, when multiple fields of expertise are required to interact and cooperate in order to develop holistic solutions. Her focus is on the early stages of the creative process, emphasising the relevance of design research.

Her PhD research is part of the Knowledge Exchange Hub Design in Action project, and she aims to explore the potential of applying – and possibly refining – Service Design methodologies within the context of trans-disciplinary design and social innovation, as well as the potential for training professionals in collaboration skills.

Before undertaking her PhD, she spent three years working as Knowledge Exchange Associate at University of Edinburgh for the Moving Targets project, where she had a hybrid role between academia and the Scottish creative and media industries. Through this project she has explored the potential for involving audiences in the production of media to enhance their experience and their engagement with brand, content and creators; as well as the potential of applying more user-centred and holistic approaches to the production of media content. Applying Transformation Design theories, she developed visual tools to aid companies in incorporating this new approaches to their existing processes.

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