TWITTER HOUR – Circular by Design

10 February 2015

On Thursday 12th Feb from 10.30 – 11.30am, we hosted our first DiA Twitter Hour. The theme was ‘Circular by Design’ and we were lucky to attract a variety of experts including Mel Woods and Dr Jen Ballie, Professor Becky Earley and Dr Kate Goldsworthy who answered questions and unpacked how design can help achieve a more circular approach for textiles.

This event set the scene for Design in Action’s next chiasma ‘Circular by Design’ in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland, which focuses on textile and fashion design and will explore the concept of the circular economy.

To read the Storify thread of this #CircularbyDesign #DiAhour, please click here.

The DJCAD-based Design in Action team, made up of Mel Woods, Jen Ballie and Becca Lindsay, has already hosted a scoping session during the Scottish Textile Symposium (November, 2014).

At this event Professor Becky Earley presented findings from the Mistra Future Fashion Project, and questioned ‘How can sustainable design processes be created and embedded within companies and gain the participation of consumers?’. Becky explained the ‘TED’s TEN’ design strategies for a more sustainable method of design, production and consumption, these can be found at Textile Toolbox. (insert link

BEarley Image Caption: Professor Becky Earley presenting TED’s TEN (2010-present)

Following on from Becky’s brilliant talk, the Design in Action team poised x5 provocations: –


  1. I understand the term ‘circular economy’.
  2. I am not sure how to apply the ‘circular economy’ as a concept to my work.
  3. It is my responsibility to consider the complete lifecycle of my product or service post consumption.
  4. I am being supported in introducing more sustainable practices within my business.
  5. In your business consumers place a higher value on products / services produced with sustainable credentials.

ZWS Scope Pic

Image Caption: Circular by Design Live Likert Scale

The audience then voted on using post cards with the terms strongly agree – strongly disagree. An open dialogue revealed some interested opportunities and barriers, this was captured digitally in real time.

You can also apply for upcoming Chiasma titled ‘Circular by Design’ – Developing new models to support alternative fashion & textile systems here: