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25 March 2014

Design in Action’s first commercial success story has emerged from the Food & Drink Chiasma  held in Elgin back in April 2013. deliver 8 different and unique craft beers to your doorstep every month allowing customers to sample the unique taste of some of the most unique micro-breweries across the UK.

Our funders the AHRC have carried out an interview with to look at how the Chiasma process led to the success of their business which is now the UK’s leading Craft Beer Club:

James, who has a background in online marketing, then found the input of designers and academics enormously helpful, in fleshing-out his original concept: ‘having the chance to test the idea, with people from different backgrounds, was invaluable. Beer52 wouldn’t have existed without it.

The full article can be found here.

Beer 52 Enjoying a beer