AWARD: DiA / Dare Prize for Commercial Potential

18 August 2014

Winner: A FOX WHAT I DREW for their 2-D physics-based platform game, BAUM.

Daniel Allan, Stephen Harland, Kai Creedon, Dominic Littler and Cian McNabola, collectively known as ‘A Fox What I Drew’, have been awarded the first DiA / Dare to be Digital Prize for Commercial Potential for their 2D platform puzzle game, ‘Baum’.

Baum - Tree of Life

The prize, in association with Creative Scotland, was conceived by Design in Action and Abertay’s Dare to be Digital competition to not only recognise the innovation, talent and hard work that is displayed by the Dare entries but also to assist in the commercialisation of a potentially popular and lucrative game.

Along with prize money of £20,000, the team will be offered space, software and resources within Abertay to develop the game from its current prototype and business advice and expertise from Design in Action to form a successful company and get the finished product to market.

Brian McNicoll, Business Partnership Manager at Design in Action and AFWID’s business mentor for the next 3 months, said about the prize: ‘[it] aims to identify a team that has the intention and ability to finish their Dare prototype and bring it to market as a commercial project.”

“DiA will work closely with the team to help them during this process and will introduce an experienced, non-games designer to work with the team to realise this goal….along with introductions to various business contacts and access to the DiA online Member Area to help their business become established.”

So what is ‘Baum’?

Its tagline (“Drop into a branching experiment in time and nature”) offers some clues to the game’s objective which, like all good games, initially seems simple yet is incredibly tricky in its execution; to guide a droplet of water through the branches of a great tree by drawing gusts of wind with your finger.



It it currently being developed for mobile platforms but may be adapted for others in the future.

“Baum was really well received at Dare Protoplay,” said Brian when asked why he awarded AFWID the prize, “I have always been really impressed with their drive and determination to start a successful business. It will take a lot of hard work and determination from them but I am confident they have the right mix of personality, skills and passion in order to become a sustainable game studio developing high-quality titles.”

A Fox What I Drew was formed over the internet specifically for entry to Dare with the gang only meeting each other for the first time when they attended their team interview in London. Fortunately, the dynamic of programmers, artists and designers has not only created a new group of friends but also an effective working team with their enthusiasm for collaborating encouraged with the award announcement.

“We’re absolutely delighted.” they said in response to receiving the prize, “To be given the opportunity to develop our game is incredible and the knowledge and experience that Design in Action will lend to the project will be invaluable. Our hope it that we can work together to get the best possible product to market.”

Best of luck guys – we’re all rooting for you!  (Pun intended.)

Watch the Baum Trailer here