Intellectual Property Office Digital Creative IP Workshop

7 April 2016

Every Business Owns IP: How does it affect you?

Most successful businesses, large or small, are built on well-managed, intangible assets like intellectual property (IP). Digital businesses create and use IP all the time, perhaps without realising it. Whether it’s the name of your company, the look of a new character in your game, the code of your new program, or even an improved searching algorithm, the value of IP can far outweigh the value of your physical assets.


The IPO’s very successful workshop has been expertly adapted specifcally for the digital industries and has now been delivered to a wide range of stakeholders in partnership with a variety of professional bodies. This workshop, run in collaboration with the University of Dundee’s Knowledge Exchange Hub Design in Action, aims to give participants a good overview of IP and how it can impact businesses within the digital industry, a fast-growing sector in the Scottish economy, particularly in Dundee.

Workshop Description

The audience is broken up into small teams and presented with a series of five industry-related scenarios which demonstrate the relevance of IP to a business. Once the teams have discussed the scenario amongst themselves, the speaker(s) will take the audience through the answers to the problem.

Support material

Question and answer booklets will be provided alongside other relevant booklets relating to the course content.

Target groups

Business advisors (accountants, banks, business coaches), entrepreneurs, games studios, designers, policymakers and other businesses in the digital creative industry with a basic to intermediate knowledge of IP.

Level of expertise

Basic to intermediate.


Participants will gain a good understanding of trade marks, patents, copyright, designs and confidentiality.

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