Event: Creativity and Innovation – Making a Difference

23 October 2014

‘Creativity and Innovation: Making a Difference’

A John Thackara Talk 

6pm – Oran Mor, Glasgow

John is the founder of Doors of Perception and the author of several titles including In The Bubble: Designing In A Complex World. His stimulating talks are renowned worldwide for their scope and insight into a myriad of topics encompassing design, creativity, innovation and transformational change. Come along and be prepared to see things a little differently and see how you, too, can make a difference.

Light refreshments will be available before the event from 5pm, with the presentation beginning at 6pm. There will be a drinks reception following the lecture.


Over the ages we’ve invested huge resources to keep the man-made world, and nature, separate. What would it mean for business if that were about to change?

In thousands of projects, people are reconnecting with living systems to meet practical needs in new ways: to heat and cool buildings, move and treat water, or grow and supply food. The result, as these actions accumulate, is a culture as well as physical transformation: A new and global ‘leave things better’ economy that affirms our codependency with living systems and the biosphere.

This new economy takes practical form in the creation of food sheds and fiber sheds at the scale of the bioregion, in the emergence of ‘cloud commuting’ in transportation: in the emergence of new platforms for food distribution. The sharing of Peer-to-peer economy conversation about the practical, near-term opportunities for business.


John Thackara is the founder and director of Doors of Perception, a global network of design thinkers. A writer, philosopher, and event producer, he leads workshops, and organises festivals at the intersection between ecological, social and societal change. He is the author of a widely-read column at doorsofperception.com and of the best-selling book In the Bubble: Designing In A complex World.

 “Brilliant insights into the internet and sustainability” Economic Times of India

“Insightful, engaging and charismatic” Audi Urban Future Award

“Le pape du design” (the pope of design) Terra Economica (France)

“One of the greatest voices on sustainability” Business Week

“A business provocateur…” Fast Company

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This event takes place on Friday the 3rd of October at The Lighthouse, Glasgow. In partnership with Creative Clyde.

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